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Well that was fun
Mind if I expand on this concept?

Go for it! Maybe you'll inspire me to finish the update I was working on :)

Wow, thanks for this wonderful game experience

hope you enjoy it :)

This is the most brouge-y game I've played in the jam so far. Nice concept!

Excellent concept and nice graphics / audio assets ! The game is too easy once you get the optimal strategy though

Phenomenal game and great idea! Please expand this one, I loved it!

Cool idea!

Wonderful, hope you do wind up updating it eventually. Clicking and dragging seems completely non-functional on Firefox, but it does work on Chrome!


Ah, thanks for pointing that out! It's now playable in Firefox.  

Nice idea! I wish there was more variety in enemy combat (avoiding them is almost always the best idea), but it was a good entry overall.

Cool concept!

thank you!