Incanto is a roguelike wordplay game made for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2019

How to play

– WASD or arrows to move,  space to wait a turn, click and drag to play tiles
– Play words to defeat enemies and see how high you can score
– If you get trash you can SWAP but it costs a tile
– A word is a valid play if it is touching both you and at least one enemy
– Over 150 words that trigger one of 6 special effects
– Hit multiple enemies for damage and score combos
– US English dictionary 

Tested in Chrome

If you encounter any bugs please let me know in the comments

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withPixiJS
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Roguelike, Turn-based, Word game


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I couldn't get past level 14.
Didn't expect there to be a new monster after the second boss.
But i do gotta say that i used a bug i found: you can just spam the attack button on a valdid word and while the animation is still going, it will hit everytime you press the button. 

Also i have a complaint: Slimes dont die with 5 points of damage (29 dmg) and stay alive with only 1 health left. Preety annoying.

Also that one glowing slime that does nothing could do something other than give you score.

did i break it?

yeah, i think i broke it

i die multiple times, and it remains

Nice game. It would be nice if there was an end goal, though. Regardless, you did a good job.

so cute, what game engine did u use?

it's my own engine, but it uses PIXI for webgl rendering and rot.js for FOV and pathfinding



This wery intrested game and very nice sounds

the special effect words are a fun touch! only one I found was jolt. Really solid game! I really enjoyed it except for the couple times I spawned in a two-tile dead end with a monster right next to me. But that just means I get to try again!

If this game was fully polished and on steam I would buy it

i feel like "spoil" should be like a poison effect or smth

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1. "die" one-shots normal monsters, but not the boss.

2. "coal" is a fire spell

3. "life" gives you 3 hearts

I absolutely adore this.  I hope you follow up on it someday and develop it further, because I'd pay good money for an updated version, but even as it is it's great.

Thanks dude! It's definitely a project I'd consider developing further when I have some free time. Glad you had fun with it :)

"June" doesn't work as a word 

I've tried to follow the conventions of the popular word games, so proper nouns are not allowed!

Deleted post


This is awesome, any chance for standalone?

Nice game!  I really like the word building mechanic - very clever.

Got stuck on level five when it generated a level with no stairs.  Fought one ghost and then was stuck.  In the web console I got the error message "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: monster" on line 112 of world.js.


Glad you liked it! Sorry that you got stuck. I've not been able to reproduce that bug – ran the level gen for that floor x15000 without a hitch.

If you (or anyone else) runs into it again, please let me know.

There is the level with the red guy that leaves a trace of flames. Is it a devil? I think that is level five. You have to kill him to create the stairs!

Maybe it was that level, but if so, the stairs didn’t spawn after I killed it.  There was only one enemy on the level, and I *think* it was black, not red, and I don’t recall seeing any flames, although it spawned right next to me so it wouldn’t have been able to leave a trail.  I killed it immediately, and there were no stairs afterwards.  Spent quite a while just wandering around the empty level, standing on every tile, bumping against the walls, wondering if there was a secret thing needed to advance.  Pretty sure it was a bug, since an error message was emitted to the console.


Plays well, looks nice, and makes you think about positioning.  Sometimes the stairs spawn really close to you and you can skip a level.